I've been working hard to roll out the next version of my video game website, and today I finally pushed it out to the live site. I had some trouble with the Bootstrap date picker scripts, but I finally got them working. I was pretty much dreading working on the site because I know so very little Javascript. I probably could have rolled out the site about a month ago if I wasn't being such a big baby about this small piece of the site.

Anyways, here's some screenshots!

Destiny - Game Profile

This is what the game profile page looks like. I also got the Recently Completed By and Recently Favorited By blocks working a lot better. The rows and columns of the userpics display much better now.

jimmy's Profile

morgan's Profile

These are a couple examples of how user profiles look now. As you can see we now support a cover picture.

There's still a lot more we want to do we user profiles and the site. Items that I would love to get working this coming year would be:

  • Allow users to select and show the consoles they own on their profile
  • Show break downs of the types of genres and consoles users play on
  • Have some sort of friend feed
  • Allow users to setup and manage gaming groups
  • Possibly setup some sort of private messaging system
  • Review all the code again and make sure it's clean and tidy

Overall though I am definitely much happier with the site now. The only other thing we definitely need to be working on it getting all the games requested by users into the database. I think we have some 3500 pending requests at this point.