Company Bought by Company

I absolutely hate when companies who are purchased by larger companies put this crap into their announcements.

Yet, it's only the beginning. Our aspirations are much bigger. Joining BIG-COMPANY gives us access to a massive wealth of expertise, technology and people that a small company like us could only dream of amassing on its own.

99% of the time this rarely holds true. They always try to explain how things are only going to be better for the end-user, but the reality of it is that someone got a big fat check and that's the end of it. The purchasing company usually shits all over the application or software, support goes bad, product loses original focus, product is forgotten about, product ceases to exist. It's really too bad.

When this happens I usually jump ship and either look for another hosted solution or try to roll my own. Props to product owners who sell big, but you might as well as just let us know, the product is going to get lost in the bowels of whatever large company they just sold too. 😥 😥 😥