My End Game Keyboard

In the fall of last year I was with one of my co-workers who brought up mechanical keyboards. I'd been somewhat familiar with them, but only at the Razer, Corsair, CoolerMaster level. He mentioned he had on order one Input Club's K-Type boards so I did a little looking into that and it definitely sounded cool. I almost wanted one myself however I learned it was a group buy and I wouldn't be able to get one, shucks!

I continued researching and learning everything I could about mechanical keyboards and the community. I learned all about different types of switches, brands, PCBs, soldering, keysets, keycap profiles, creating your own custom layouts and firmwares, and so much more. During all this time and in browsing over Reddit and Discord I came across one keyset which I immediately knew I wanted. It was SA Camping.

SA Camping 1

Unfortunately for me, this was a relatively rare set and generally high priced so I mostly just forgot about it and moved on. However, a week ago or so, a local, actually one of the guys who runs some of the keyboard meet ups posted on r/mechmarket his SA Camping set he was looking to sell. I thought about it for a few minutes, but decided, it's a set I've always dreamed of having, it's being sold right here in Houston, why not?!

SA Camping 2

Unfortunately in all my excitement I didn't really check out the keyset close enough. I've been sticking with 60% boards and more specifically the DZ60 PCBs with a 2U left shift. The SA Camping is a sculpted set and doesn't come with an R4 2U shift key. So I ended up getting a new DZ60 PCB and the 2.25U plate so I could put together a new build. Thankfully this still allows me to have arrow keys, however, in place of my usual 1U right shift, I have a 1.75U shift key (which I've actually just programmed to be a '/ ?' key.

My DZ60 with SA Camping

This build is something I consider my end-game. It includes the SA Camping keyset which I've always wanted, the DZ60 PCB (with directional arrow keys), and Kailh Box Jades. Using it has been awesome so far, I definitely enjoy the sculpted SA set along with the Box Jades. I'll likely post another picture when I put on the other novelty keycaps.