I can't even tell you how many blogs and online journals I've had. It's been a while since I've actually maintained one however, at least one that is mostly text. Life got busy and I just didn't have time to actually sit down and write out articles. I found that Twitter and Tumblr were a lot easier on someone with a busy schedule. Sending a tweet here and there only took a few seconds or posting a few quick images to Tumblr was much easier then actually sitting down and taking time to flesh out articles.

I don't necessarily plan on writing large articles but it would be nice to put together a few things which are longer then 140 characters. Honestly some things in life are better said in more then a short tweet. I plan to mostly use this site to brain dump things I've been working on or just various little things happening in my life. You can still check out the images which I update from time to time with some images I enjoy.