There I said it...alright, I'm not the typical hoarder you're probably thinking of with junk and knick knacks to the ceiling of my house. I don't have rotting food in my fridge, at least there wasn't any last time I checked, and I don't have storage units full of stuff. I simply hoard video games. I came to this realization just the other day when I was browsing through all the games I had amassed over the years. While my physical collections only take up a small book case, I have hard drives and servers full to the brim of games. I have games from the 90s I haven't even touched. I am so far behind on the games I want to play.

This past year I even put together a website to help me catalog and organize my games so that I knew which ones I had finished playing, which ones I didn't want to play and the ones which I was currently playing.

After seeing how many games I had to work on and finish I simply got too overloaded and I started to really panic. How could I conceivably finish these games in one life time? Well...I guess I could completely cut myself off from the world and just work on these games every free moment I had. However, I could definitely kiss my girlfriend goodbye, possibly my job, and I would likely resemble Jabba the Hutt shortly after going down that path.

After thinking about it for a while, I thought to myself, "Do I really need to play all these games?". Probably not. I'd gotten this far in life without having played them, so what difference would it make if I just skipped out on them? Certainly games that got poor ratings and reviews could be skipped. Some unlucky soul had already done the dirty work for me, I definitely didn't need to waste my time just to say, "Yep, that was a horrible game!". That at least allowed me to go through some of the games on my list and remove them immediately. Some games that I wasn't too sure about, I popped into my Xbox or whatever console the game was for and played for 15-20 minutes. Usually that's enough time for me to figure out if the game is worth playing or not. Using that method I managed to scratch off about 20 games or so.

Unfortunately even after using that method I still have over 150 games on my list. I guess I better get cracking because I'm not ready to let these go. I can't yet bring myself to not experience something which may have one of the best story-lines ever, or some of the most breath-taking graphics. With Xbox 720 about a week away from being announced and Playstation 4 coming this fall/holiday season, I've really got to get playing.