I've been working on coding something extra in mine and my girlfriends blogs over the last couple days. I've added emoji support through the use of emojify.js. This simply lets me add little smilies and faces and icons:

smile: 😝 😋 ❤️ 👌 👹 🐴 🐡

etc etc...Anything from Emoji Cheat Sheet.

I thought it was a nifty little addition to our blog codebase! Secondly I've added support for Markdown via php-markdown. This, oddly enough was the easier of the two to get working. Somehow I got stuck on how to call the Javascript for emojify.js. I've gotten relatively accustomed to working with Markdown from using Octopress so much. Before I implemented Markdown I was using the PHP function nl2br, which wasn't working so hot with unordered lists. It was inserting a <br /> tag every every <li> element which was causing something that looked like double spacing between each list item. It didn't look good. So after implementing Markdown lists looks a lot more normal.

It's definitely been a lot of fun coding this site and my girlfriends by hand. It gives us complete control over everything and we can customize it to our ❤️ ❤️ 's content!