Savannah and I picked up Plants vs. Zombies 2 this weekend. So far I am impressed and excited to be playing the next PvZ. The graphics have been updated, new plants and zombies have been added as well as some parts of how the game work have changed. Mind you I've only played the first 2 levels after the tutorial so I've only experienced very little of what the new game has to offer. One new thing though is now along with sun dropping, you can also collect plant food. This plant food when fed to your plants allows them to convert into machine gunners. At least that's how it works when you feed it to a normal single shooter plant. I haven't had the chance to try it on any other plants yet.

The graphics I must say look really great. My iPhone 4S doesn't seem to have any issues running the game, however I am definitely looking forward to playing it on my iPad mini which also should have no issues.

It seems this game is based more on micro-transactions as there's many more options to use real money to purchase, coins, and plants. For me, I just can't really justify spending $2-$3 on a single plant unless if I find it really necessary. The game however should be built where one doesn't need to spend a single cent in order to enjoy the game. The game itself was free in fact, and I believe their business model is to create income from these micro-transactions.

For now, I think I'll just continue to play and enjoy this new Plants vs. Zombies. I'll certainly follow up on this post or create a new one should anything change.