It's definitely been quite some time since I've actually written anything useful in (not to say this post is useful) here, or anything at all. I've just been so incredibly busy with work and working on the new version of It's Sunday evening, a rainy day in Texas, so I figured I could spend a few minutes spewing out what else I've been busy with.

The two biggest things consuming my life as mentioned above are working on the new and working. I've been getting as much code time in as I can between work and sleep. I've made a huge amount of progress and I'd say 95% of the functionality from the current site has made it's way into the new site. There's a few left I have to port over, the forums being one of the bigger ones.

Insert 5 day period between now and what I typed up there...

If that's not evidence that I've been busy, I don't know what is. I can barely find the time to even write out a new blog post.

This week I've been swamped with work and trying to get a usable version of MyVideoGameList ready so I can roll it out this weekend. I got a massive amount of work done on it and I think by tomorrow afternoon (fingers crossed), I can roll it out. There's several things, the biggest one being the forums that aren't ready for version 2.0, so I have to figure out how I am going to handle that.

At work I've been working on an intranet portal for our Linux System Administrators as well as pushing new administrator through our Linux Admin training program. I find that every time I do a training class I end up working on my quiz script and training materials (and then once the class ends I stop working on them). It ends up being a non-ending project since I usually end up working on my training materials only during training times which is 2-3 times a year. I really just need to buckle down and finish it soon instead of two or three times a year. I've also been working on two client registration/sign-up tools for some of our partners. It's a lot of fun, I do enjoy a little development work to break things up.

In really important news, my girlfriend and I hit up the midnight Pokémon X/Y release. It was enjoyable. I haven't been to a midnight release since the Nintendo Wii release. I do enjoy "nerding" it up once in a while. We even got some cool posters and a Pokémon timeline! We're both really enjoying the game. I don't think I've been this excited for Pokémon since Red and Blue. I love the music in the game and the graphics. They look really wonderful on my 3DSXL screen. I also managed to snag the guide last night on my way home from work, so I'll likely spend a good chunk of this weekend getting some more hours in. I've only made it up to the city where you get the first badge (which I now proudly have). I've managed to snag a Pikachu, Pigeotto, Zigzagoon, and a Bunnelby. I chose Fennekin as my starter. It seems to be a good choice since the first gym has trainers and a gym leader with bug type Pokémon. Overall I'm definitely very happy with the game and quite impressed by it.

I also managed to finish off Grand Theft Auto V. I really enjoyed the game and I'd love to keep working on it even if it's only to mess around in the game.

Insert another 5 day period between now and what I typed up there...

Gosh, darn I'm busy! I think I'll create another new post instead of making you read even more in this post!