cPanel Paper Lantern Style

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with one of the product owners at my job. During that time I got a crash course in creating styles for the new Paper Lantern theme in cPanel. I have been pretty excited about the Paper Lantern theme for some time now, especially since it's based on the Bootstrap framework.

The whole process of creating a style is actually quite easy. As I understand it there's 3 places where one can place a style. The first is at the root level and would allow any user on the system to use the style. The style would be placed into the /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/. The second would be at the reseller level and the directory where your style(s) would be stored would be within /home/reseller/var/cpanel/reseller/styled/. This would allow any sub-accounts of the reseller to use the style. The last would be per account. That's right, ANYONE who has a cPanel account can create their own Paper Lantern style! At the account level, the style may be placed in /home/username/var/cpanel/styled/.

I spent about 45 minutes to an hour building my own style. It can be seen above an is very simple. Styling Paper Lantern is so simple, I'm really glad they moved over to the Bootstrap framework (this site uses it too).