Minecraft Story Mode

Ever since seeing the trailing for Minecraft: Story Mode I've been pretty excited about the game. It just came out a couple weeks ago and I've had the chance to play through Episode 1 and 2 so far.

I don't intended to write a full and completely in-depth review in this post, but I wanted to give some thoughts I had.

The game itself is a lot of fun, and I really enjoy the story even if it's nothing new. The game for me it's been a nice break between the FPS shooters I've been normally playing. The characters are fun and funny in their own unique ways, even Ruben the pig has his own personality.

One thing which is turning me off from the game is that when I think of Minecraft and the Minecraft universe is that it's all about exploring and going off the beaten path to make your own. This game is very linear and allows for very little if any exploration. It's too bad because the design of the world is beautiful and vibrant and being someone who is curious, it's get frustrating at times when you're forced to go in a single direction throughout the game. I know that's to be expected and this isn't the Minecraft we normally think of, but it would be so nice to be able to just go off and explore the worlds and levels further then what's allowed.

Overall, I do enjoy the game, I just need to stop thinking that it's an exploration game like the normal Minecraft game and that it truely is 'Story Mode'. I am looking forward to Episode 3 😄 🎮