Alright so it's not an entirely new build, but I did update several components on my PC this past weekend. While I definitely loved the Fractal case I had, I wanted to get something even more beautiful and decided on the NZXT H700i case. I also updated my CPU cooler to an NZXT Kraken X62 along with 3x AER RGB 140mm fans for further cooling (and awesome looks)!

The Lich King

Pulling everything out of the old case was relatively simple, however, I may have overestimated the sizing of everything as I had some troubles putting everything back together. I believe the NZXT Kraken X52 would have sufficed with 120mm fans as well as the 3x 140mm AER RGB fans, likely would have been fine at 120mm instead. In fact, I am thinking about buying a 3 pack of the 120mm fans for the front of the case and using the other 2 140mm fans elsewhere. The Kraken X62 is also pretty snug and touches one of the RAM chips, hopefully, that does not cause any issues. The radiator itself is also quite snug and touches one of the heat sink covers on the motherboard, again, I hope this does not cause any issues. All in all, though, the H700i is an amazing case, looks wonderful and is the new home to the Lich King himself. This build runs much cooler than previously, in fact when at load, it still runs cooler than the previous build when it was idle. I'm definitely satisfied with this "small" update to my gaming PC!